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Celebrating Our New Website Launch with an Audiobook Giveaway!

We’re giving away the audiobook edition of “Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine” to celebrate the launch of our new website!

Fill out the short form below to enter. Winners will receive an email from us with a code to get a FREE download from Spotify of the award-winning book about Divine visitation.

This giveaway ends soon. Good luck, and thanks for joining our celebration of this new, feature filled website!

Book Reviews

Beautifully written. Addressed ultimate issues, not fluff. Great synopsis of the major religions. If any book could make God accessible to almost anyone, this is it.

- Robert Morton Publisher, World Tribune

The writing is lucid as a mountain stream. More importantly, I was captivated by the content. Al performs the neat trick of getting as close as one can to defining the ineffable.

- Anthony Mancini Author, Journalist and Director of the Journalism Program at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

Spiritual growth is my highest priority. So, I know the value of creating a vibrant community of truth seekers. Join our forum where you can ask questions and share your insights and experiences with other kindred spirits. Plus you can receive updates on new writings, podcasts, events and retreats.

Members are automatically included in our periodic giveaways, including downloads of the audiobook edition of Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine narrated by the author. A quick sampling of the award-winning book’s acclaim includes:

The writing is lucid as a mountain stream,” a seasoned author reported.

“If any book could make God accessible to almost anyone, this is it,” one publisher proclaimed.

Let’s share the spiritual journey. Let’s be the change.

Al Guart

Al Guart is best known as a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist whose hard hitting stories for the New York Post and CBS News held the powerful accountable. The breadth of his work included covering the justice system, the Mafia, international terrorism and other issues of public concern.

Hidden beneath the journalistic accolades was Al’s rich spiritual life and experiences which began in his youth and continue to this day. Beginning in his teens, Al was influenced by J. Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, Khalil Gibran and other spiritual guides, philosophers and religious figures who helped shape his own philosophical perspective.

Al published his first book, the award-winning Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine, in April 2020 as the COVID lockdowns were at their height. It’s a deep dive into the human experience known as Divine visitation. Today he’s sharing spiritual insights gleaned from a lifetime of inner reflection in hopes of leaving the world a better place for future generations.

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Be part of a community of spiritual seekers. Share your spiritual experiences and insights with us. Enter periodic drawings to receive a free audio edition of Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine narrated by Al Guart.

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