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Alfred Stefan Guart

Pulitzer Prize Nominated Journalist

Alfred Stefan Guart, known as Al Guart, is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, award winning author, and educator. With a diverse career spanning several decades, Guart has made significant contributions to the field of investigative journalism, earning him a reputation for his hard-hitting reporting and meticulous research.

During his 11-year tenure at the New York Post, Guart’s exceptional investigative work caught the attention of his peers in the industry. He was nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize twice for his groundbreaking reporting, showcasing his relentless, unbiased pursuit of the truth and shedding light on important social issues.

Beyond his written work, Guart has made numerous appearances on notable television programs such as Biography, A&E, and others. These interviews focused on topics related to organized crime, terrorism, and high-profile cases, drawing from his broad-based knowledge and bolstering his credibility. Transitioning from journalism to the world of literature, Guart is now an accomplished author. His book, Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine, has garnered significant acclaim. Esteemed judges for the National Indie Excellence Awards and the International Book Awards have hailed it as an inspiring contribution to the growing field of spirituality, affirming Guart’s ability to explore profound subjects beyond the realm of investigative reporting.

Al Guart’s educational background reflects his commitment to his craft. He holds a degree in philosophy and journalism from the City University of New York, demonstrating his deep intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary approach to his work. Guart’s passion for knowledge and sharing it with others led him to teach English in New York City public schools and journalism at St. John’s University, nurturing the next generation of aspiring newshounds.

His public speaking is enhanced by rich life experience, which has given him entertaining and elucidating stories to draw from. Whether it is his upbringing on the streets of Brooklyn, his contact with well-known public figures, lessons from running a small business in a rural community, or raising a family, Guart possesses a wealth of wisdom to illustrate the life lessons he wishes to impart.

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