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Audio Book

  • July 7, 2023
  • 1 pages

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Audio-Book: Beyond The Sphere

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About the Book

People have reported encounters with God since the beginning of recorded history. Visitations gave rise to every major religion, influencing the hearts and minds of billions of believers. These powerful events are part of the human record, but it is unclear how accurate they are or how frequently they occur. However, reports from those who claim to have encountered Divinity are fairly consistent: There’s something unfathomable out there. Al Guart, a committed agnostic, diminished these accounts as possibly the result of overactive imaginations, mental illness, mythology or drugs – until the first of his unexpected encounters in 1980. He kept silent about his experiences over the past forty years, working to integrate them into daily life while trying to fathom how and why they happened. In this ground-breaking book, Al relives two Divine encounters in stark, journalistic detail. The first Visitation overwhelmed him with sheer jubilance, and the second – also imbued with joy – left him weeping as never before. Along the way, he takes a hard look at historical accounts of Divine appearances and challenges the renderings of God left in their wake. He offers the fruits of his spiritual inquiries for consideration but encourages readers to seek their own direct contact with the Creator – and to settle for nothing less.

About the Author

AL GUART is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist known for hard-hitting investigative work at the New York Post and CBS News. He holds a degree in philosophy and journalism from the City University of New York. He taught English at New York City public schools and journalism at St. John’s University. He is a Jazz saxophonist and small business owner. He lives in New York with his wife, son and daughter.

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