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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

For businesses seeking to increase employee productivity and improve workplace relationships, Al offers:

  •  Webinars addressing inner conflict and unhealthy competition, showing how reducing conflict unleashes creative energy, promotes teamwork and increases productivity. Explores the root causes of discrimination, violence and destructive competition from a spiritual/psychological perspective and offers insights into how individuals can increase self-awareness to improve their lives, careers and relationships. 
  •  Seminars and on-site talks to address the needs and challenges within your company.     
  • Small group retreats tailored to the needs of your company with a focus on broadening self-awareness and team building.
  • Keynote talks at your corporate event designed to promote inner peace and interpersonal harmony among your most valuable assets: your employees and managers.

Our Community

Be part of a community of spiritual seekers. Share your spiritual experiences and insights with us. Enter periodic drawings to receive a free audio edition of Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine narrated by Al Guart.

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