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Webinar: Beyond Conflict

Webinar: Beyond Conflict

Webinar: Beyond Conflict

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One of the most important accomplishments anyone can achieve is inner harmony. It is the foundation for enjoying life to the fullest. It’s the best way to promote peace in the world around you and also help put an end to personal violence and the manifestation of societal war. After all, the conflicts we see in society are the product of what is taking place within each of us.

In this webinar, we explore how inner discord arises. What are the dynamics, the moving parts that leave us unwittingly in a state of strife, and compel us towards mental and physical violence? By what process do we end up living in contradiction and hypocrisy? Why is it common to hear ourselves and others say things like “Part of me wants this but another part wants that?” How did we end up in pieces?

Using real life examples, humor and direct observation, we will better understand the invisible process which generates inner conflict. Ignorance allows the process to march on unabated, but awareness and understanding ends it. Do your part to put war in the rear view mirror.

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