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Webinar: A More Abundant Life

Webinar: A More Abundant Life

Webinar: A More Abundant Life

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Society teaches us to worship success. Career, money, fame, material possessions. We are always striving, competing. Nothing is ever enough. There’s a painful hollowness inside that gets filled with schemes and goals meant to assuage it by gathering more and becoming more. Yet we see many examples of “successful” people leading shallow lives. They appear unable to sustain long-term, loving relationships or enjoy the fruits of their labor. Some, despite amassing wealth and public adoration, end up in prison or commit suicide. Isn’t it time we redefine success?

In this webinar, we will explore what it means to lead inwardly abundant lives. To approach life in such a way that we are moved by a single raindrop, that we understand the meaning of life as we consider an innocent question posed by a child. Can we first be rich within and, by allowing that fullness to be expressed in our thoughts and actions, produce outward abundance? Let’s talk about this today and get this ship moving toward a lasting bounty.

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