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The Art of Spiritual Book Promotion

Tapping into the Universe

In keeping with the message of Beyond the Sphere, I rely on the Creator to help present the book on Divine visitation before the public eye. Besides prayer and keeping an open, silent and meditative mind, I look for the offbeat ways God fashions opportunities. I am alert and prepared to jump in whenever they arise. In the book, I call these events synchronicities.

So yesterday, I was in Manhattan watching the morning news on FOX in the lounge of the Midtown condo we occupy when visiting family. The cable channel was already set, so I sank into a sofa and drank coffee I had bought from a street vendor. FOX host Brian Kilmeade was on air announcing he would be signing his new book, The President and the Freedom Fighter, that very evening at a Stuyvesant bookstore in Albany, New York. I knew of a bookstore in the Stuyvesant Plaza shopping center, just minutes from my home. I checked their website to confirm his appearance. It so happened I was returning to Albany that morning and would be able to make the book signing.

At about 6pm, I joined the long line of about 700 patrons, making new friends as we waited in the brisk air to get into the crowded bookshop. At just about 8pm, I stepped up to meet Kilmeade and said, “Come on, Brian, we need to move this along. I missing Tucker Carlson.” We both laughed. He looked at his watch. “Yeah, it’s 8:02.”

Kilmeade autographed his book for me and then I handed him a personalized copy of Beyond the Sphere. As he looked it over, I said I would like to take a photo of him holding my book and me holding his. “Sure,” he said, smiling. Not everyone would’ve been so open minded. Below is a photo of us at taken at The Little Book House in Albany, New York, the first bookshop to carry Beyond the Sphere on its shelves.

With Brian Kilmeade of Fox News

If you’re not awake, synchronicities can be missed. For example, a grouped of strangers was ringing our doorbell last October as my wife and I chatted nearby with with a neighbor. “Oh, that’s the Mayor of Albany,” the neighbor said. We continued chatting as Mayor Kathy Sheehan and her entourage gave up ringing our doorbell and went to the next house.

Returning home, it dawned on me the mayor, who was running for re-election, had actually been delivered right to my door. Had I tried to arrange a meeting with her about my book, well, it probably wouldn’t have happened. I grabbed a copy of Beyond the Sphere and autographed it. When Mayor Sheehan walked toward our home again, I approached and introduced myself. “You wrote this,” she asked, smiling? A member of her staff offered to take a photo of us with my phone. He snapped another photo with the mayor’s phone and later posted the image on her Instagram page. She won another term.

With Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan

Marketing a book about Divine visitation is difficult using traditional means. The message is far off the beaten path. There’s no celebrity, no name recognition, no political dirt, no drug kingpins. No problem. I rely on the relationship the Creator and I have built. I remain still with the understanding God knows the heart of everything that lives and breathes, and has the power to move the Universe itself. The result is joy as I witness the synchronistic events that bring Beyond the Sphere to others. I have no idea what will occur or how. I have no plan. So, I never imagined the mayor would be at my door or a high profile news figure would visit the closest bookstore to my home – a shop which happened to be the first to carry my book. To spiritually promote my book, my job is to be vigilant, prepared and open minded. That I am.

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