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The Wordless God

Photo taken at Red Rock Secret Mountain, Sedona, Arizona

Mine is a wordless realm

Some believe my home is silent

But it is far from that

My kingdom is awash in sound

Hear my call in the raven’s caw

Listen for my heart in the wailing of a widow

Oh, my breathing is the summer breeze

And my laughter the crashing waves


Some seek my voice in phrases

In the mesmerizing speech of orators

Yet you will not hear me in lofty talk

Listen for me beyond language

Harken to my quiet steps outside the walls of thought

I am not shy around your ears

Your ideas muffle my sounds

Listen not to words and hear my melodies


Set down your books and beliefs

Step outside the relentless loop

The haughty voice of reason

Stand and walk the living world

Where I surround you with bird songs

And perfumed flowers

And golden orange sunsets

Realizing at last love is the reason for it all


I do not say “I love you”

I bring you flowers

I do not say “I care”

I bring you a friend

I do not promise undying love

I embrace you with eternal beauty

Nor do I promise ‘till death do us part

For where I am, death is but a word

And all words are dead

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